Integra Ceilings

Metal Ceiling Systems

Integra from Holland design, produce and supply metal suspended ceilings and high-tech climate ceilings, with an eye for the immediate environment, sustainability, people and the environment.

Integra started in 2000 with the design, production and installation of suspended ceilings. In 2008, Integra further expanded its range with ceiling systems featuring state-of-the-art cooling and heating technology.

Our forte is supplying to large scale projects such as underground and train station concourses, airports, atria etc. We supply projects utilising conventional construction methods to very modern and challenging architecture, from large surfaces to ingenious craftsmanship.

The Metal Ceiling Systems from Integra in Holland create the perfect ambience in environments such as office buildings, shopping malls, train and underground stations, hotels, airports and education facilities.  They absorb sound, give light the desired effect, have high aesthetic qualities and improve the general living and wellbeing environment. 

Integra offer an integral carrier and suspension system for all ceiling types.

Integra Ceilings are functional, versatile and ultra modern. We offer standardised products for value-engineered solutions, but enjoy the challenge of specialised designs and formats.

Expanded Metal Ceilings

Expanded or stretch metal ceilings offer an industrial look and feel and are available in many panel types such as clip in, lay in, hook on and many others. Available in all the RAL colours, or anodised in steel or aluminium.

Linear and Baffle Ceilings

Creating a wonderful aesthetic and providing excellent acoustic control, linear and baffle ceilings work well in large spaces, such as underground and train station concourses, airports, atria etc. They offer a wide variety of baffle sizes, types, colours and specialised solutions.


Integra’s new product FELTLINE is a warm and inviting baffle ceiling product. Containing recycled material up to 70%, endless design and colour options, high acoustic performance and easy maintenance: FELTLINE.

We will provide more information on this product in the near future.