Wood-wool Panels

CEWOOD wood-wool panels are a 100% natural material made from high quality wood and cement. These fundamental elements of construction — wood and cement — are fused together in the wood wool panels by combining the resilience of cement with the natural properties of wood.

CEWOOD acoustic and design panels are an eco-friendly and harmless material that combines high fire resistance with excellent acoustic and heat insulation properties. Widely used in interior design of public, private and residential buildings for ceilings and walls, in premises with poor acoustics, where noise absorption and sound insulation is of importance. They are also suitable for high humidity facilities.

CEWOOD panels offer the following characteristics:-

  • ECOLOGY – a 100% natural material
  • ACOUSTICS – an effective sound insulation and absorption material
  • FIRE SAFETY – high fire safety ratings (B-s1, d0)
  • AESTHETICS – a wide choice of textures, shapes and tones.
  • HEALTH – creates a favourable, anti-allergenic human environment.
  • LONG-LASTING – does not become deformed, does not lose its properties over time, offering life cycle costing benefits.
  • HEAT-INSULATION – excellent insulating properties
  • CONVENIENT USE – easy to transport, process, cut, assemble and paint

CEWOOD is based in Latvia, with the global sales offices in the capital, Riga. The scenic Latvian region of Vidzeme, where the factory is based, is rich in forests and high-quality timber, which is the main raw material used in the making of CEWOOD panels. 

The company adopts 50-year-old Latvian traditions of manufacturing wood wool panels. Initially, wood wool panels were used to insulate buildings and build structures, whereas today, acoustic and design panels are also made to be used widely in various interior design solutions across the globe. CEWOOD products are exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. 

arquitectural acoustics are proud to represent Cewood products in the UK.